Signature Massage

I combine Swedish style and deep tissue massage to give you what you're looking for in relaxation and muscle renewal. Let go of your stress on the heated massage table and enjoy my homemade massage oil blends. It's a wonderful way to feel rejuvenated.

30, 60 or 90 min.

The Knot Buster

This is for those who work and play hard, and know they need deep-tissue muscle work. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart, but it can "hurt so good." We work through the main muscle groups to treat trigger points and fascia restrictions, then tune, restore, and balance them for optimum athletic performance. Pre- or post- event, this is the place to start.

60 or 90 min.

The BNS: Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Many of my clients have pain or stiffness in one or more of these areas. This treatment is specifically focused on relieving these areas and restoring you to a more comfortable and relaxed state.

30 or 60 min.

The BNS: Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Many of my clients have pain or stiffness in one or more of these areas. This treatment is specifically focused on relieving these areas and restoring you to a more comfortable and relaxed state.

30 or 60 min.

Integrative Massage Sequences

Many of my Oberlin Inn clients have asked for these nationally-known massage sequences. Here is a bit of "home" away from home. Enjoy!

Fire Massage™
Rejuvenating and revitalizing. Loosens myoskeletal blocks, relieves stress, increases circulation, and energizes your body's vital systems.
Earth Massage™
A deep muscular massage designed to release muscle tension and free fascial restrictions. Benefits include muscle lengthening, improved posture, and improved range of motion. Great for the weary traveler.
Spirit Massage™
A gentle stress-relieving massage designed to quiet the mind and get you in touch with your deeper rhythms. Benefits include deep relaxation and increased mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity.

Therapeutic Medical Massage

I use knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to treat your specific acute and chronic medical conditions. I can tailor a treatment plan in conjunction with your physician, chiropractor, dentist, or psychiatrist.

Chair Massage

I take my chair to employee or customer appreciation events for corporations, schools, special and charity events, or other group functions. I've operated the chair massage center at the Lorain County Fair since 2001. Call for rates.

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Off-Site Massage

I can take my portable table to your location. I do house calls for medical conditions that limit a client's mobility. I also travel for workshops and seminars when appropriate space can be provided. Call for details.

30 or 60 min.

Office Rates

30 minutes /$40.00

60 minutes /$60.00

90 minutes /$80.00

Sales tax of 6.25% may apply. Sales tax is exempt with a medical referral. Learn more